Tuesday, 24 February 2009

End of day 7...

Today was an emotional day. Our speaker today at 5.pm from Jews for Justice for Palestinians was extremely informative and inspirational. We were also grateful to Rob from Islingtons Friendship with Palestine for his presentation on the reality of life in Gaza. Such disturbing images of the injustices that Palestinians face everyday boosts our determination to do what we can in addressing such gross violations of human morals, as well as international law.

Meeting the VC and a number of the deans of schools this morning received a seemingly positive response, but with few concrete successes. Following this meeting it was decided that we shall remain in Occupation until we can claim real victory.
We cannot lose sight of why it is we are doing this. We want to make a difference to those living in the Gaza Strip, the open air prison that it is. We know that our actions are extremely meaningful for Palestinians. By standing in solidarity with them they can be assured that not everyone in this world has forgotten about them, or ignores the injustices that they face everyday.

Our demands will not be decided upon by the board of governors (the powers that be) until next tuesday. We intent to stay here until then, and we are going to up our campaign. We need much more support in order to this.

Please all do whatever you can...
- invite your friends of facebooks to our events and our groups
- write an email to our VC Susan Price at s.price@uel.ac.uk stating your support for us and our demands
- come and say hello to us in our liberated space EB.1.04
- help us out on our stall in the atrium everyday between 9-5
- come to our daily events at 1.pm and 5.pm which are always extremely inspirational and informative

We welcome the news that LLC and Cardiff have initiated occupations in solidarity with Palestinians. Together we are stronger.

In solidarity,

UEL Occupiers


  1. Excellent job! 8th day, amazing. Keep it up!

    In solidarity,


    Strathclyde Uni