Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fire Alarm Drama

at 8am today we were rudely awoken by the fire alarm. We immedietly all agreed that we would not leave the building unless we witnessed the flames ourselves. Security tried to get us out of the building but we would not move. we saw this as a blatent attempt to remove us and we would not comply. Surprise surpise there was no fire.

after recieving a lecture from fire officials we were then told that we still had to vacate the building to ensure they had made the building secure. again, we would not move. we were then told that no other person could enter the building again until we had left. this led to Alan Lingal giving us his word that we could return to the room as soon as the fire officials had made a complete inspection.

although we apologise to all the people we left waiting out in the cold for half an hour, we are completley committed to this cause and will do everything that we can to stay here until our demands are met.

many thanks for your continued support!!

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