Monday, 23 February 2009

End of Day Six

End of day six.
At 1pm we had a very intesting discussion on the history of palestine delivered by a local lecturer from Newham College. We have also managed to have a very sucessful meeting with a great turnout of 50 people at our 5pm meeting. The support is overwhelming and welcomed. We had a number of speakers that included John Rees (Stop the War officr), Dr Geremy Gilbert (UEL Lecture), Fran Legg (President of Queen Mary's Stop the War society). The session was inspiring and only cemented our feelings towards continuing the occupation until all of our demands are met. The cause is one worth of such actions and we have been inspired to continue doing what we are doing. We hope that everyone that has supported us shares their feelings and experience of the occupation with others in order to raise awareness, we need everyone to continue supporting us and hope that we are able to truly make a change to the people of palestine.

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  1. Well done everyone you are doing such a great job !