Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Our Demands

To the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of East London and any others it may concern

We the student occupation for Palestine demand that the University of East London:

1. Issues a clear statement condemning Israel's blockade of Gaza and the recent atrocities committed against the civilians of Gaza.

2. Immediately divests itself of any and all interests and investments in companies directly or indirectly linked with arms sales to Israel and to make publicly available all UEL current and future investments.

3. Grants five Palestinian students every year full scholarships funded by UEL (similar to the Commonwealth scholarships)

4. Twins itself with the Islamic University of Gaza and provides support for the rebuilding effort following the recent destruction.

5. Provides any surplus equipment to Universities in Gaza i.e. books, computers etc.

6. Authorises, facilitates and promotes an official DEC collection day around campus.

7. Grants free access at all times to all participants in the occupation and takes no reprisals against any participants in the occupation for their actions. We will continue to occupy WB.G.02 until all of our demands are met.


  1. You guys are great! Solidarity from Goldsmiths Students' Union.

    We won and it took only 2 days, this action works better than any other. good luck!

  2. Greetings from QM Stop the War Coalition...

    Well done guys! Your demands sound great. Your Occupation is really important for the people of Palestine. Keep in touch with us, and let us know of any updates!

    QM Stop the War Coalition

  3. solidarity form pakistanis

    hey em from PAKISTAN
    new at UEL
    you guys r doing great work keeep it up
    i'll try ma best to help u guys, dont worry god helps those having aim of doing good deeds

    paki bro

  4. Best wishes and solidarity from Debbie, UEL MA 09 student

  5. I hope this is going well, it is good to see some proper assertive action from students, sadly here at Lboro we have only apathy. I'll be down at UEL on Friday for a UCU meeting in EBG 18 so will try to stop in that afternoon. If there's anything you need, or there's any publicity I can do at the UCU meeting please let me know.

    In solidarity