Wednesday, 18 February 2009

end of day one

Day One is slowly coming to an end and we decided it would be time for a quick update on our progress.

We have had an encouraging wave of support, not only from UEL students and lecturers, but also from members of the Stop the War Society and other universities that have been or still are under occupation for the same cause.

Currently, more than 30 people are in the lecture theatre and we are busy preparing for tomorrow. We are looking to organise film screenings, talks and discussions every day to raise awareness on the issue of Palestine and actively promote our goals.

What we need to keep going, however, is your support. Please come along at any point during the day or night! We need your ideas, your help in handing out flyers around campus and get as many signatures on the petition as possible. We also need you to tell everyone you know about this occupation. Don't forget, by contributing a little of your time, you can make a huge difference for the people of Palestine!

We are very much looking forward to tomorrow, as we have organised brilliant speakers and films!

Timetable for Thursday 19th Day 2 Under Occupation

10.00 organisation meeting for the day
11.00 all occupiers actively promote occupation around campus and get petitions signed
13.00 film showing and lunch
15.00 discussions and debates
17.00 Guest speaker - John Rose on "The Myth of Zionism?"
19.00 organising meeting
19.30 Phil Maxwell, anti-war filmmaker opens his new documentary "Not in our Name"

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