Thursday, 19 February 2009

Of room changes and other achievements

Generally, today has been very successful and motivating. As mentioned earlier, the outcome of our first round of negotiations has been very positive and we're determined not to give up before the university agree to meet all our demands in support of the people of Palestine.

Also, we have managed to move our occupation to the East Building. This allows us to be much more visible to UEL students, but we're also just underneath the vice chancellor's office and are therefore hoping to increase the pressure on them.
By moving to a smaller room, we are also hoping to conduct our occupation without obstructing any lectures. Therefore, we're expecting even more support from students and staff.

Moreover, in only a couple of hours, more than 500 UEL students have expressed their support by signing our petition. But we have also received an encouraging statement from the UCU Docklands Branch, showing us that our lecturers are behind us. Below is a copy of the letter:

Dear UEL Students in Occupation,

Congratulations on your initiative. We join you in condemning war crimes committed by Israel against the people of Gaza. We strongly support your efforts to bring Palestinian students to UEL, fully supported by this institution.

Our union branch has a long history of support for Palestine and in particular of raising the issue of Boycott, Disinvestments and Sanctions vis-à-vis Israeli insitutions complicit in the Occupation. We draw strength from your own solidarity action and commitment to a Free Palestine.

Many members of the UCU National Executive Committee have offered support to students recently in occupation over Gaza - please see the statement below, issued earlier this month. We are sure that the NEC members would wish to include you in their greetings.

Good luck,

Chris Knight, Chair
Phil Marfleet, Secretary

on behalf of UCU Docklands Branch Committee

19 February 2009

All in all, we're all still highly motivated, although some of us are slightly dishevelled by the lack of sleep.
We're sure we can rely on your support throughout further negotiations. Please, come along, sign our petitions and, most importantly, tell everyone you know about it as well!

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