Friday, 20 February 2009

End of day 3...

Following a mammoth shopping trip in ASDA (whilst of course complaining about the stocking of Israeli goods!) we are having a bit of a relaxing evening following another hectic day. We have so far had our petition supporting our demands and our occupation signed by nearly 1,100 students in just 2 days. This, alongside the unconditional support we have received by the UCU, proves to the university that we are not a minority on campus, or a group of individuals looking to cause trouble. Our passion and determination to get our demands met grows with each minute that the university remains silent over the gross injustices that Palestinians face.

It is great to see new faces in the group and we welcomed a representative from the Human Relief Foundation speaking on the dire situation of the Palestinians. Tonight we have 20 students sleeping here.

Tomorrow we shall be concentrating on contacting the local press, branching out to local unions and other supportive organisations as well as replying to the many messages of support we have received which have been so fantastic to read and to write up on our 'wall of support'. Thank you all.

We spread solidarity to students in other university occupations around the country, we are part of an exciting movement, which can bring about considerable change for Palestinians and the political situation in the Occupied Territories.


Until tomorrow... over and out...

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