Friday, 20 February 2009

Day 3 - Still going strong...

Our new room has quickly been made into our new home from home. Today we are all busy spreading the word of our occupation, having had to adjust the banners to include the change of room!
We now have 4 out of our 7 demands met, but are going to sit tight until we have every single one guaranteed. We have received an invitation from the VC to attend a meeting of the Vice-Chancellors Group on tuesday morning to explain our demands to them.
So we are continuing our occupation until at least tuesday - and have to keep the momentum going over the weekend. We are organising workshops and film showings for saturday and sunday to make sure that we continue to get new students joining us.
We look forward to our meeting at 5p.m with students from the Sussex and Queen Mary Occupations, as well as a guest speaker from Stop the War Coalition.


  1. Keep going Kit and all of you x

  2. Hey guys,

    Keep it up. You guys are taking a responsible role in an issue that every student in Britain should be making a stand for.

    Viva le Revolucion

    Paul Darigan

  3. Good afternoon all! I hope you are in good spirits and keeping positive. You have my support and Iam sure many others, so know that and feel supported!

    love to you and good luck