Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 1 - UEL Occupation

Due to the recent atrocities and on-going genocide taking place in Gaza it is vital that as the general public we push our demands to our leaders, our government and our hierarchy to show the support of the people of Gaza and condemn the Israeli action against the innocent civilians of Palestine. Therefore it is important that as university students in the United Kingdom we should be at the forefront of supporting the people of Gaza and condemn the Israeli military operation that is continuing the killing of over 1200 innocent Palestinians. So from today, the 18th February 2009, we, the students of the University of East London hereby are in full occupation of a lecture theatre within our university.

After an event organised by Stop the War society in UEL with guest speakers such as Lindsey German (Convenor, Stop The War Coalition) and Professor Haim Bresheeth (Chair, Media & Cultural Studies, UEL) UEL students have immediately decided to get together as university students to support the people of Gaza though the occupation of a lecture theatre. Currently we are drafting a list of demands to put foward to the university. We are also working on getting as much publicity as we can to get the support of all UEL students.

We call on all UEL Students to join our occupation! Support the people of Palestine, support the people of Gaza!


  1. demand sandwiches, mars bars, and some ice tea. Play this right and you can feast like kings.

    Also to show your serious chop of Stevie's ear and post it to them

  2. actually drop the Mars bars and replace it with Snickers. Make sure this is a hostage situation and your not playing around, so if they ignore Stevie's ear you've still got one other ear as well as fingers, thumbs, and toes to send off at regular intervals.

    If Stevie happens to resist tell him he's been chosen because he's a newbie and that its for the greater good

  3. Viva la Resistance!!!! :)

  4. amazing, GREAT WORK... keep going