Monday, 2 March 2009

End of Day 13...

Today was a great day, full of interesting discussions, a live web talk with an Israeli activist and plenty of cakes!
The sun was shining and we saw lots of new faces which is always grand. We raised over £100 for the DEC appeal through a cake stall (and generous UEL'ers) as well as continuing to collect signatures for our petition. We now have almost 3,000 signatures which is a fantastic acheivement and shows the extent of support we have.
UEL feels really exciting, with political discussions and debates happening all around - a real break-through! Spreading awareness is the most important step in justice.
At Betty Hunter from Palestine Solidarity Campaign talked to us about the importance of student activism and the recent events in Gaza, including the election of Hamas and the continued blockade which destroys so many lives. Haim Bresheeth was as inspiring as ever, and spoke about the origins of Zionism by Hertzl and how the creation of a Jewish State was a colonial project based on exclusion and extermination of the indigineous Palestinian people.
The live link up with Naomi, an Israeli student activist based in Beer Sheva, was absolutely amazing. To hear first hand of the experiences of speaking out against the crimes of the Israeli government was incredible, and is a real inspiration for all of us. Being able to ask her questions about the reality of growing up in Israel was an education for us all. We salute all those in Israel who stand up for Palestinian rights, refuse to serve in the IDF, face exclusion from Israeli society and by doing so, brings justice for Palesinians ever closer. Together we are stronger!

Following our meeting spirits were high, and we began to plan for out meeting tomorrow with Azzam Tamimi and Hicham Yezza at This will be a great talk and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Tomorrow the UEL deans of the schools are meeting with the VC and we await the outcome from this meeting and the discussion of our demands. We shall not be leaving until our demands are signed, sealed and delivered to us....

Good luck to Manchester, who have been invited to meet with their VC on wednesday... their strength has forced him to listen, and now he has to have his ears fully open!

In solidarity with Palestine always - Viva Viva Palestina xxx

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  1. Well done all of you! You have been an inspiration. What hope you have been able to give to those students who are to come to UEL and to the people of Palestine.

    Fabulous news!