Sunday, 1 March 2009

A busy weekend....

Sorry to have been so silent this weekend, we have been busy preparing for a "Day for Palestine" tomorrow, making banners, organising speakers, booking ice cream vans etc etc!
We are hoping the grey skies will stay far away - and that there will be huge support for our rally in the square at one. Everyone from all Universities are welcome to join us, we plan to march around the Uni and to have as much presence as possible before the CMT meeting on Tuesday morning where are demands shall be decided.

Having received a seemingly positive response from 7 CMT members last wednesday there are strong feelings that we should have our demands met on Tuesday, although there were a few issues that the scholarships should be open for students from all areas of conflict and that the Vice-Chancellor will only agree to issue the standard statement released by Universities UK calling for an end to the conflict in Gaza.

The 3 week 'Cast Lead' Operation killed an estimated 1,300 Palestinians, caused more than $2 Billion damage in Gaza, and destroyed more than 4,100 homes.
Also destroyed were 25 schools, structures on university campuses and hospitals; 31 structures belonging to the security services; an entire compound of government offices; and 17 other structures housing government offices. The list of destroyed infrastructure includes two bridges, five municipalities and public spaces, four gas stations; and a total of 1500 factories, metal workshops, shops and other commercial structures. The list also includes 20 ambulances.

Yet Israel refuses to open Gaza's blockaded border crossings, without which any major rebuilding will be impossible.

If anyone is free tomorrow at all, even just for half an hour, please pop in and help building for the rally at 1. We shall be petitioning, face painting, hot dog making, you name it - we've got it planned! There will be collections for Gaza and we hope to raise lots of dosh, awareness and support. Get involved!

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