Friday, 27 February 2009

Day 09,

Day 9 was packed with interesting meetings. Phil Marfleet (Uel lecturer) and Anan AL-Quds (Action Palestine) spoke on the issue of the Palestinian refugees.

Ken Olende and Jeansy Kazadi (UEL Congolese Society) spoke on the war in Congo. They emphasised that this war is not an 'ethnic' conflict, contrary to popular belief, but rather a war for control and access to DR Congo's vast natural resources. The Patrice Lumumba Society was set up by UEL student Sohrob Kamali to campaign against and raise awareness of imperialism in the DR Congo and worldwide. It is hoped that the occupation for Gaza at UEL will lead people to become more interested and active against other injustices around the world.

Finally, the UEL Samba band entertained in the evening.

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